Facade Restoration

Building Envelope & Façade Restoration

The “building envelope” is what separates the inside from the outside. It includes the roof, the walls, the windows & doors, and the foundation. It keeps out the cold of the winter, the heat of the summer, the wind, the rain and the snow.

The key to a healthy building envelope is control. Water incursion control. Air flow control. Thermal control. Vapor control. Without careful attention to all of these control layers, your building is, well, out of control.

At RSI, we are building envelope specialists. We have the skills and experience to help you regain control of your building. We employ a “whole building” approach that evaluates and addresses all of the key control layers that make up a healthy building envelope.

Often, the first symptom of a failing building envelope doesn’t point directly to the problem. Ice dams that back up on a roof may be caused by uncontrolled air leakage or mold on an interior wall may be due to capillary seepage from poor drainage planes. Our professionals are trained to look beyond the symptoms and to discover and correct the underlying cause of the failure.

We work closely with architects and engineers to develop comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to even the most challenging problems. Our expertise falls into three main areas:

Water Control Solutions

  • Roofing, flashing and water plane detailing and correction
  • Sheathing, drainage plane and siding restoration
  • Brick face and stone face restoration and re-pointing
  • Door and window flashing, sealing and replacement
  • Deck, porch and platform reconstruction
  • Certified interior and exterior mold remediation

Air & Thermal Flow Control Solutions

  • Air sealing and pressure boundary restoration
  • Insulation/ re-insulation
  • Window and door replacement and sealing
  • Complete interior finishing and restoration
  • Air duct cleaning and sealing

Structural and Site Control Solutions

  • Wall and roof reframing
  • Shoring, jacking and structural restoration
  • Site drainage and drainage plane corrections